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And what if we were able to present you with a durable window mannequin solution designed specifically for the fashion industry ?

We present brand new mannequin concept in response to market needs:

Our sustainable and ethical mannequins are created with a sincere commitment to people and the planet, without deceptive "greenwashing" practices.


Bonami male display mannequins use an own production technology called BONPLAST, offering exceptional durability thanks to several years of research and development.


This strong and unbreakable material resists marks and shocks, while its lightness makes it easy to put on.


An eco-friendly look

The magnetic joint system also simplifies the process.

Our female display mannequins can also be made of BONPLAST, a recyclable material belonging to the family of thermoplastics. Clean production technology guarantees a minimal environmental footprint. After recycling, the material can be reused for new mannequins, hangers and other solutions, providing a sustainable approach.

BONPLAST stands out for its robustness, its resistance to heat and cold, in addition to its recyclability and its manufacture from recycled materials.

Its range of colors allows extensive customization to meet various needs.

In short, it is a solution for the future for display mannequins, combining solidity, durability and environmental respect.

Find out more about the collections of sustainable & ecological window mannequins available.

Mannequins Shopping also offers a range of furnishing elements for areas dedicated to the sale of your products Mannequins, Fabric busts, Racks

If you need to supply a store with window mannequins or fabric busts or renovate a boutique with shopfitting equipment, contact us or ask for a quote.


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