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Lighting at the heart of your store

Use our lighting products and track lighting to launch your brand and increase awareness of your store.
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Your successful lighting zones

A lighting study is essential for designing the optimum lighting for the different areas of a shop. It consists of an in-depth analysis of the technical data specific to each area, with the aim of capturing the customer’s attention and enhancing the products. Our solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as efficient, low-maintenance LED lighting and HCL sensors that automatically adjust brightness and colour temperature throughout the day. These innovations respect people’s natural biological rhythms, creating the ideal lighting ambience for each area of the shop, whether it’s the entrance, the reception, the sales area, the waiting area or the fitting rooms.


The main lighting areas in your store


The shop entrance and reception

For professional lighting in the entry and reception area of a shop, it is essential to create a welcoming environment for customers while ensuring visual comfort:

  • Intensity: A light intensity of 300 to 500 lux is recommended for this area.

  • Temperature:
    - For a modern, energising ambience, opt for light from 3000K to 3500K (yellow-white).
    - For a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere, opt for a light from 2000K to 2500K.

  • Windows:
    - Shop windows need to appear brighter than their surroundings, lighting with a 36° beam angle is ideal.
    - LEDs of 1000 to 2000 lux sufficiently illuminate products in detail.


Sales area and tills

For the sales and checkout area of a store, lighting is crucial to ensuring a pleasant shopping experience, facilitating transactions and showcasing products:

  • Temperature:
    - Use a similar temperature to the entrance area to maintain visual continuity throughout the shop.

  • Focused lighting:
    - Use accent lighting towards product display areas.
    - For aisles, recessed luminaires or LEDs on rails will ensure even lighting.

  • Crate lighting:
    - Glare-free light (UGR<19) with a power of at least 500 lux is recommended to make staff work more pleasant
    - A LED track system can be used to ensure optimum lighting


Fitting area

For the fitting area of a shop, good lighting is essential to ensure that customers can properly see the clothes they are trying on and feel comfortable in this space:

  • Temperature:
    - Use a colour temperature close to natural light (between 3500K and 4000K) to faithfully reproduce garment colours and ensure good visibility.

  • Intensity:
    - An intensity of 200 to 400 lux is generally appropriate for fitting rooms.

  • Glare:
    - Position light sources to avoid direct glare into customers’ eyes.





Characteristics of commercial lighting 


Product-centric lighting

Retail luminaires use light that highlights products and creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers. Lighting with a high proportion of bright white light is often used to draw attention to goods and encourage impulse purchases.

In a retail environment, lighting requirements vary according to the areas and types of products on display.
For example:

  • Clothing areas: Full-spectrum lighting with good colour reproduction (high CRI) is essential so that customers can see the true colours of the clothes. Directional spotlights can also be used to accentuate displays and draw attention to new collections.
  • Electronics and luxury goods: Focused, brighter lighting can be used to create points of interest and highlight product detail and quality.

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Technical specifications

CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
  • The CRI measures the ability of a light to faithfully render the colours of objects. It varies from 0 to 100: the higher the CRI, the more accurate and vibrant the colours appear.
  • A high CRI is crucial in contexts where colour accuracy is important, such as retail, as it makes products more attractive. Although LEDs with high CRI are more expensive, they offer a better quality and professional light, promoting sales.

Light colour

  • The colour temperature influences how we feel in a room: bright light in a shop could be uncomfortable, while warm light in an office would hinder productivity. The colour codes on LEDs help to identify the temperature of the light.
  • Low CRI bulbs produce inferior quality light, with dull, yellowish colours. High-efficiency LEDs with a rail system is ideal for intensive professional use, as high CRI, long life, and superior light quality are combined.





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The use of LED shop lighting guarantees ecological and economic sustainability on several levels :


  • Significant energy savings thanks to reduced watt consumption.
  • Optimum brightness thanks to improved luminous efficacy of 100 lm/W.
  • High colour rendering, achieving at least Ra 80 to Ra 90.
  • Large choice of light colours to meet specific needs.
  • Extended life of at least 50,000 hours, ensuring longer life.
  • Absence of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation that could alter product quality.




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