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Buy a display mannequin

The maniquin are the central element of your display. The passage in store will depend on the choice of window mannequins. The type of mannequin
will depend on the items you want to showcase.

How to choose the best male and female mannequin

Mannequins with head, mannequins without head, mannequins in motion, torso man, torso woman, tailored busts for man, tailored women busts, vintage bust man, busts vintage woman, flexible mannequins, abstract mannequins, pregnant mannequins, plus size mannequins ... Display models can be abstract or realistic and thus attract more attention because of their greater resemblance to humans.

The choice of male or female manikin will depend on the impact you want your products have on customers, your desire to follow fashion and trends.

Vintage mannequins or fashion models will give the spirit of items for sale in your store. Feel free to keep informed of the latest arrivals to know the latest trends.

Everything will also depend on your budget, the models will be able to provide solutions to reduce the cost of buying models for your store.

Stay tuned for sale and discount models to complement your window mannequin collection. Models packs can also bring you solutions by offering to buy models in pack.

Fashion models give life to your items. Indeed a mannequin showcase in movement such as a sport dummy will have more impact to present sports articles.

A seated dummy will have its place in a creative staging following the theme of the showcase. Short forms such as busts will be presented on shelves, podiums or counters.

Your window mannequins will be even more attractive if you put them in relation to each other.

Vary the themes in your storefront to attract more customers to your store.

Do not hesitate to change regularly the accessories and the clothes that you put to them not only to put forward certain articles but also to create novelty and to show the variety of your products.

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