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Wide selection of  mannequins, bust, store equipment, professional hangers, clothing rails and natural wooden coat hangers. We also have a range of economy wooden coat hanger for retail and wooden suit hangers.



Your personalized wooden hangers :

Mannequins Shopping realizes your wooden hangers to measure with your image. Specialist in the manufacture of hangers for stores and businesses, we make your customized hangers. We are the European leader in window mannequins, busts, hangers, clothes racks and more generally in equipment for stores and businesses.

Combining a true desire for high quality with first class wood, we are a leader in the production of wooden hangers in Europe.



Mannequins Shopping is the partner of professionals for the purchase of wooden hangers

The wood we use is FSC licensed, has a high quality finish and we provide our customers with a wide range of metal accessories to fit the most demanding designs.

Our hangers are designed and manufactured in Europe. Our know-how and short lead times thanks to this geographical proximity allows us to make custom-made hangers for your products.


Customize your wooden hangers according to your desires:

You will find on our site a wide range of wooden hangers that will meet your needs: suit hangers, suits, skirts, shirts, dresses, pants, sweaters and coats, lingerie, but also luxury design or technical hangers. Our wooden hangers are designed for intensive use and display and handling needs in your points of sale, showroom, lounge, hotel rooms.

Mannequins Shopping offers to all professionals (companies, retailers, textile chains, hotels, clothing brands, communities ...) all the wooden hangers necessary for your business. We are the reference for the purchase of hangers by lot for ready-to-wear stores, signs, stores, showrooms, popup stores, hotels...

To make sure that our hangers reflect your image and brand codes, we offer you a personalization service for the hangers on your request.

Our customization service :

Our customization service of hangers take many forms in order to offer you an extensive choice:

- The model among our wide range of store hangers
- One or more colors and finishes
- The hook
- The clips
- The options (addition of non-slip, velvet, notch...)
- The logo (by silk-screen printing, laser engraving...)

The personalization of a hanger requires time for our teams.
We generally require a minimum of 300 hangers to personalize your hangers.

Our teams of retail specialists are at your service to verify and study your specifications and propose alternative solutions thanks to our wide range of hangers available in stock with no minimum order.


Create a hanger according to your choice: it’s possible !

A - The choice of the model

Our catalog currently includes more than fifty models of wooden coat hangers. The multitude of products allows us to offer you many solutions, according to your tastes and needs.

B - Choose the color of your hanger and its finish: a whole palette!

Choosing a color for your hanger is a classic approach to have a personalized hanger.
It is possible to choose raw wood hangers, but also painted or varnished hangers.
For painted hangers, the technique is to create and keep the hanger in a raw wood finish (without prior varnish) and then pass it through a paint bath 3 times.
This treatment ensures a homogeneous color, very resistant to use and stable over time.
In terms of color palette, we are only limited by your imagination!

C - Type of hook

In order to personalize the hanger as much as possible according to your desires, Mannequins shopping also offers you many possibilities of choice for the hook of your hanger. The shape, the size, the thickness... Everything is customizable!

D - Do you want a hanger with clips?

Need clips on your hanger? We offer a wide range of hangers with clips!
Very effective for pants and skirts to optimize your storage.

E - Customization options

To allow you to make your product original and unique, while being optimal, several options are possible. You can opt for velvet, notches, or non-skid to finalize your hangers to your image.

F - Get your logo on your hangers:

The size of your logo may vary from one hanger to another, we adapt the printing to each size of hanger and logo for the whole is harmonious and in the trend it depends on the space available on each hanger.


Our hanger logotyping techniques are 2, detailed below:

1- The use of screen printing

The screen printing method is a direct printing technique. It allows you to print the shape of the desired logo and then apply a color of your choice.
This method can be used to mark the hanger with a monochrome or multicolor logo.
Finally, the logo is usually put on one side of the hanger. It is of course possible to put it on both sides.

2- Laser engraving on hanger

To obtain a logo embedded in the hanger, the technology is that of laser engraving. It consists of a laser head that "burns" the wood or marks the metal with the shape of your logo.
This technology is very well mastered nowadays.
It allows a rendering of great precision, even on a small scale.
Your logo is thus very readable and almost unalterable.


Let us know your wishes and we will study them with you.
The personalization of hangers will allow you to obtain original and unique hangers, specially designed for you, to enhance your clothing collections.

Our team is at your disposal to create your assortment of store hangers, to provide you with a quote, to answer your questions, to customize your store hangers according to your needs: Our customized hangers form is available here.

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Our hangers are delivered quickly in France and all over Europe from the site. Our customers are textile companies and hotels in France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and England. We deliver everywhere in France and Europe in 48-96h for hangers available in stock, for customized hangers the delay is generally 6 to 7 weeks.

Customization of your hangers

Mannequins Shopping is the reference for the purchase of hangers by lot for ready-to-wear stores, stores, showrooms, popup stores and hotels.

Our hangers are designed and manufactured in Europe. Our know-how and short delivery times thanks to this geographical proximity allows us to make custom-made hangers for your products:

- Customization of the logo (laser, stamp) of your hangers.

- Customization of colors (all the RAL / Pantone or NCS range).

- Customization of the finishes (bars, clips, anti-slip, flocking, velvet,);

- We are also able to make a hanger shape to your image (many shapes available & special creations in our factory).

- We work on majority on wood for the manufacture of your hangers (beech wood), sometimes plastic or ecological materials.

Our hangers are delivered quickly in France and in all Europe from the site. Our customers are textile companies and hotels in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and England.




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