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Cleaning and maintenance of your mannequins

Normal cleaning

If the mannequins are dressed, we advise cleaning with a soft duster.
When you make a change of scarab, you can perform a more thorough cleaning.

Spot cleaning or storage:

If we have the possibility of having naked mannequins, we recommend taking the opportunity to clean them thoroughly by rubbing with a sponge and drained in warm water with a few drops of mild Marseille soap, then dried.

In the event that the face is made up, it should NOT be touched.

We should never clean the mannequin with products that contain sillicones ...

..that if some day we will need to repair it or paint it, we would have to sand it to remove all the silicone that could be on the surface first. What would make the repair difficult and would make it longer, therefore, more expensive.

In case of stains that are very difficult to remove or scratches, and ONLY IF THE MANNEQUINS IS MATE.

It must be sanded without pressing and in a very soft way, until the stain disappears.
It is very important to keep in mind that we are removing the last layer of paint.

If the painting is damaged we can use the repairer that is also included in the repair kit, applying it with small brushstrokes to cover the affected area.

The brianllantes finishes stain much less, but in case of having to clean it we can never use sandpaper, only a soft sponge soaked in water and detergent.

We must always dry the mannequin immediately after cleaning it, The ideal is to clean it by areas that will dry immediately.

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