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Mannequins Shopping is a packaging supplier and offers you a wide selection of packagings for your shop. Choose between kraft bags, paper bags, luxury bags and tailored made packaging bags.


Entrust us with the creation of your personalized paper bags

Several shapes and dimensions available for the design of your paper bags ?
Our customizable bags cover a range of important diensions depending on your needs : curds, rectangular, Italian-Style sizes.

Mannequins Shopping specializes in the design and manufacture of your custom and custom bags

 We offer two types of materials for the design of your custom bags, brown paper, natural brown color and white paper.

 With its greener look, the color print ranges are reduced on Havana paper.

Our white paper bags will give you the advantage of being able to print everything including four-colour prints.

 Depending on your needs, we are able to offer all types of bags and optimize delivery and inventory costs.

 The materials and details are endlessly varying until you get a bag in your image. ( colors, details, material effects, wrist types ....)


Printing on paper bags

Mannequins Shopping designs your customs bags  from 500 pieces, impression, total print, with several colors, even four-color, a UV print, or a finish with a matte or shiny filming.

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The different ranges of paper bags and their usefulness ?

There are two ranges of paper bags, maybe even three, the first two are the paper bags twisted handles and the second is the paper bag flates handles. For the third category, it is the paper bag with no handles or twisted handles.

The twisted handle bag is made thicker, the twisted paper handles or string handles or even rope handles, are thinner and portends more solidity.

Your advertising bags can also be designed for recycled material, often used by ready-to-wear shops, book storage booksellers or gift shops, but also leather goods for products sometyimes large.

Your custom bags will convey your brand and image outside your outlets, don’t neglect them.

Finally the luxury paper bag, even thicker in design, is a product printed with filming and custom work, cotton or ribbon handles, will seduce shops anxious to enhance their item and their image, they will be a reazm component of your brand and your know-how.

Our cutomers are mainly textile companies in France, Italy, Germany, the Nethermlands, England ... Their success is our best reference and motivates us to do more to innovate.

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