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Wooden Coat Hangers are a marvelous way to give your shop a sophisticated look. They match for all types of clothing, such as childrenswear, womenswear, menswear and sportswear. With our large selection of different shapes all in natural wood, you will be able to find what suit you best : natural wood, white wood, black wood, dark wood, and suit hangers, tourser bar, with clips and even rubber finish. Alongside this, we also have large selection of different accessories available soft touch, shoulder grips and others,
to ensure your hangers suit and are useful as possible.

We also sell a full range of children’s wooden coat hangers for your retail stores. A large range that will match your store design. Beside our hangers features clamps, coat hangers so you will be able to hang your most difficult of garments.

If you have large quantities we can have your logo printed or engraved on your hangers so that your customers always remember you. We can offer a bespoke printing service with hight quality finish made at the factory.

Whether you need just 1 box or 100 boxes, we do have your hangers in stocks. All orders are shipped just after confirnmation orders.
No matter you are a small or a big retailer we got you covered and we are your stop shop  for all items you need for your business.

Not sure yet that you need hangers ? think about the time you spend to fold your garment opposed hanging them. Folding your clothes takes time and need precision. When your garments are hunged your customer can easily pick the item, see the available sizes and your display will stay intact much longer.

Your store will look more organised and the bonus you will be able to put more stock on the shop floor. Your and your teams will save many trips to the stock room,

Whether you run a boutique a small shop, a department store, menswear, childrenswear or womenswear retail store, wooden coat hangers is the perfect match to your store. Impress your customers with matching hangers that look expensive but without the high price tag. For your cheap, high quality wooden coat hangers, (you may even call them clothes hangers) you are at the right place shopping with us.

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