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Wide selection of  mannequins, bust, store equipment, professional hangers, clothing rails and custom packaging for retail stores & lighting solutions for shops and profesionnal spots, retail lighting rails.


Lighting Solutions for Retail

Use our lighting products and cluster lighting spots to launch your brand and increase brand awareness.
Highlight your logo and the colors of your store with our lighting system. Implement a common lighting concept in all your stores around the world.

Shop and retail stores

Each store is unique, their success will be linked to the ability to attract in a competitive environment. Thanks to the lighting you will give personality to your shop and you will highlight your brand and attract the curiosity of the public.

The lighting systems stores, LED spots and incandescent lamps available for sale on Mannequins shopping offers a wide range of flexible solutions that have been designed to surprise your customers while reducing the energy bill.

Mannequins shopping offers lighting solutions for shops:

Lighting products staged with professionalism:

Small shops, intimate stores or luxurious stores, the retail trade exists in different shapes and sizes,
To succeed and stand out from your direct competition, Mannequins shopping offers many lamps and spots at the best price.

Highlight lighting the entrance and windows of your business

This is the opportunity to create the difference and curiosity of passersby.

Giving passersby envy, tempt them or encourage them to enter your store will depend on your presentation, for example a well-lit facace and illuminated windows and very well decorated will push passersby to enter and watch your products or services more near.

Whether you sell fashion items or cosmetics, food or care products, furniture or other household items your customers will be attracted by your products if your shop is welcoming thanks to the adequate lighting that you have created.

Our spots and lamps for shops always sold at the best prices will help you to make attractive and welcoming lighting.

Lighting simple or changing thanks to control systems will allow you to vary the ambiances luminous. Our wide range of led and spot LEDs will help you make your shop as attractive as possible to the customer.

The lighting of the entrance of your shop

It’s all about perspective issues

From the first look at your business, you have to leave a promising impression. You will need to choose a lighting that radiates warmth and kindness inward to attract customers.

From the facade, you will need to highlight the items and products that will push visitors to explore and discover more inside your shop.

Mannequins Shoping offers you the right lighting solutions and will help you with its know-how and expertise to give your place the best impression you want to communicate.

Lighting experience of sales areas

You must choose a lighting system providing flexibility and flexibility to adapt to all seasons.

Modular lighting will be essential for shops that often need to change the presentation of products or even promotions.

Our spotlights on rails, recessed spots, adjustable spotlights, lanpes suspensions are all different lighting systems to put your products ahead in an advantageous way.

Guide the customer through the desired areas (the famous customer journey).

Thanks to a good lighting you will be able to create distinct spaces inside your sales area and to draw attention to the products which present a particular interest.

It is guaranteed that a professional lighting will highlight the style and originality of your business or shop as well as your brands.

Thanks to a professional shop lighting you will be able to create a unique atmosphere allowing you to reach your sales objectives.

Not to mention that the choice of high quality LED lighting will allow you to improve the energy efficiency and reduce your costs.

Storage rooms and cloakrooms: other places where professional lighting is important

Allow your team to quickly find an article and give a natural color rendering.

Offer a high-end customer service and charm your customers, for example do not wait for a customer in the store when you search your reserve in search of a color, a size or other.

Identify products quickly with proper professional lighting. Not to mention that you will also save energy with the presence detection systems that put your professional lamps on when there is no one in the room.

The fitting rooms are ultra important places where your customers can see the clothes they will probably buy.
It is crutial in the buying process to dedicate a professional lighting system to this part of your shop.

For example, light a natural light or avoid disappointment afterwards,

Entrust us with your requests for professional lighting and take advantage of our expertise on shop spots and Led lamps.

If you would like more information on our shop and professional spotlights or other lighting system documentation, please contact us.

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