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Anxious to support all local businesses in France and Europe during this difficult period, and to preserve economic activity throughout the territory, Mannequins Shopping has put in place specific solutions to secure your business and optimally protect your staff and your customers.

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Find a summary of all the economic support and support and support measures of traders impacted by the Covid-19 in France.

Traders: all government measures and solutions to deal with Covid-19.

LeThe  Gouvernment annonces on the website  : « le business support, one of the priority missions of the State ». As such as several exceptional measures are planned, described below.  


The payment of a " Covid Prevention" grant by Health Insurance.

The possibility of receiving a grant to help businesses finance protective equipment. 

In addition to the measures already put in place to support businesses in the context of the health crisis, some companies will be able to benefit from a new subsidy aimed at helping companies prevent the spread of Covid-19.

It allows to take over part of the investment that the company must make to reduce the exposure of its employees to Covid-19. .


This aid is intended :

- self-employed ( without employees ) under the general social security system ;
- to companies with 1 to 49 employees.

Institutions covered by the Territorial Public Service or the Hospital Public Service are not eligible.

Eligibility criteria 

To qualifyfor the subsidy, companies must meet the following conditions : 

- contribute to the general social security scheme as an employer ; 
- beestablished in metropolitan France or in  an overseas department ;
- have a national workforce of between 1 and 49 employees.

- having completed and updated the unique risk assessment document for less than a year, and made it available to the Caisse;
- declare on the hnour not to benefit from public assistance with financial assistance on the same investments.
In order to qualify for the grant, the self-employed must meet the following conditions :
- conribute the general social scheme as an employer ;
-be established employees on the date of the grant application ; 
- not having employees ont the date pof the grant application ;;
-having completed and updated the unique risk assessment document for less than a year, and made it available to the Caisse ;
- déclare on the honour not to benefit from public assistance with financial assistance on the same investments.

The grant will not be awarded if the items were ordered prior to the start date of the grant. 

Amount of the grant

Thissubscidy corresponds to 50 % of the tax-free investement ( HT)à made by or self-employed workers without employees for the purchase of protective equipment for the Covid-19.

The granting of this grant is conditional on a minimum and maximum amount of investment. This amount must be between 1000 euros HT and 10, 000 euros.

The amount of the grant granted is capped at 5000 euros. 

To the extent that the AT/MP branch has set a comprehensive and maximum envelope, the grants will be awarded to therecipients who apply for it within that envelope.

Funded equipment and facilities 

SOnly purchases or rentals made between March 14 and July 31, 2020 are covered by this subsidy.

This grant is intended to fund : 

Measures of barfriers and physical distance sush as : 

- measures to isolate the workstation from contacts ( e.g support for the installation of glass, or plexiglass, etc ... )
- dmeasures to guide and enforce social distances.
- additional and temporary premises to respect social distances.
- measures to communicate visually out of medium to be transmitted ( support of screens )

 Masks, visors and hydroalcoholic gel are only covered if the subsidy also covers at least one of barrier and physical distance measures identified by the fund.On the other hand, single items such as scotch or ribbons are not supported.

 - DHygiene and cleaning measures such as permanent installations for hand and body washing tempory and additional facilities such as toilets, sinks.


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